Water Purity: How RO & UV are different
28 Mar

Water impurity is mainly when harmful substances get incorporated into it. These toxic substances include many chemicals which are hazardous for health. With the increase in global demand for drinking water for 1% for every year, it is of inevitable importance that drinking water should be pure and healthy. To make sure the water we are consuming for drinking purposes is pure and healthy many methods have been available in the market. In recent times Ro and UV purifiers have gained alright buzz in the market as water purifiers. In the given article, we will discuss both Ro and UV purifiers and which one will be better for pure water.


What is RO?

RO is an abbreviation for reverse osmosis, where a semi-permeable membrane is used for the removal of ions and molecules. On removal of these ions and molecules, these hard water get converted into soft water.



What is UV

UV method is a new technology for the proper disinfection of bacteria from water. UV rays penetrate the harmful bacteria and kill them in real-time, which kills the DNA of an organism and eliminates al harmful bacteria.



Which one is better?

We can compare both these functions based on the following criteria


Criteria RO UV
Electricity Require Electricity Do not require electricity
Removal of all bacteria and virus from water Kills all bacteria but their dead bodies remain in the water Kills and remove the dead bodies of bacteria and virus.
Tap pressure booster Work with standard water pressure Require electricity
Removal of dissolved salt Cannot Can not



Therefore from the above comparison, we can conclude that both RO and UV purifiers are better in service depending on the need and level of water contamination. UV purifiers do not require electricity for specific steps, which makes it favorable, while the efficiency of Ro purifiers makes it a better choice for another.


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