Is your drinking water pure?
28 Mar

It is important to know that water that you are drinking is safe for your health or not. WHO has launched certain criteria for the safety of water, the main guideline for pure water in term of TDS, according to it, is as follows


TDS Water quality
<300mg/l Excellent
300-600 mg/l Good
600-900 mg/l Fair
900-1200mg/l Poor
>1200mg/l Hazardous



The other water quality standards are as follows –



– Chemical parameter Standard of water quality
PH 6.5 – 8.5
Chloride 250mg/l
Lead 0.01mg/l
Dissolved Oxygen 5mg/l



Therefore before selecting a water purifier, always analyze as to whether your water purifier is providing you these essential water purifying criteria or not.


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